Celebrating 75 Years of Takahē Recovery

November 2023 is the 75th Anniversary of Takahē Rediscovery - join us in celebrating these extraordinary birds

Nationally vulnerable, the improbability that such a large flightless bird, thought to be extinct continued to live under the radar is intriguing...

  • Presumed extinct, South Island Takahē were rediscovered in remote Fiordland 75 years ago
  • An extraordinary recovery programme means their population is growing at about 5% per year
  • Now the Takahē population has reached 500!

Celebrate Takahē with us this November on Rotoroa Island:

Takahē Talk 29 Nov 2023

Join our ranger Milly to talk all things Takahē , followed by a short walk and chance to track with telemetry more info

Fyffe and Mulgrew

Takahē TShirts 

Grab yourself one of these awesome Takahē Tshirts from our island kiosk.

Colouring Competition

Get creative and win a family pass to Rotoroa Island, thanks to the folks at Explore, download here.

An Amazing Story of Survival 
The Takahē Recovery Programme is managed by the Department of Conservation (DoC) with the aim of protecting and promoting population growth for this endangered species 


Check out more Takahē celebrations  on Department of Conservation Website
Got a question about Takahē - Send a message to our rangers
Do you have a special Takahē story - we'd love to hear it!