COVID-19 Response

Under Alert Level 2, Rotoroa Island is open to visitors

31 Aug 2020 - Under Alert Level 2, Rotoroa Island will be open to visitors; your group must not exceed 10 people, which includes accommodation bookings. 

We are taking precautions to protect our people (visitors and staff) against Covid-19 virus. Please take the time to read what we are doing and how you can help in minimising the spread of this virus. 

On Rotoroa Island, we are: 
- Providing hand sanitizer Ladies bay, Exhibition Centre, and Central island toilets, in addition to liquid soap. All composting toilets have high alcohol foaming sanitizer.
- For day visitors, we’ll give an arrival welcome and biosecurity checks outside (in your group of 10 people max). Overnight guests  will be taken to accommodation for biosecurity and check in.
- Additional protection measures when cleaning our Exhibition Centre and Accommodation.

Here’s how you can help when you visit:
1) Keep track of your visit to Rotoroa Island - We are using NZ government's NZ COVID Tracer App. Rotoroa's QR registration points are our Wharf Shed, Exhibition Centre and at Ladies Bay. 
2) Maintain a distance of 2 metres from other guests and staff
3) Face coverings are encouraged, especially inside our public facilities
4) Please take care to thoroughly wash your hands.

>> Please contact our duty ranger on (09) 283 0849 immediately if you feel unwell and presenting symptoms (of fever, respiratory issues, shortness of breath, consistent dry cough or all of the above.) 
>> Stay at home if you feel unwell and call healthline on 0800 358 5453

If you're not able to visit yet and are keen on a few free ideas of activities you can do at home with kids, check out our Horizon page

For COVID-19 information, please visit NZ Government's Unite Against Covid-19 website

For Fullers360 ferry updates, please visit Fullers360 Website Covid-19 Response

Updated 31 August 2020


Posted by Rotoroa Island Trust on May 13, 2020