Conservation on Rotoroa Island

Closed to the public for nearly 100 years, Rotoroa Island was once a place of sanctuary for people recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. Today, the Rotoroa Island Trust is working with the Department of Conservation to continue this legacy of sanctuary and renewal.

Rotoroa’s conservation philosophy is simple ‘Back to basics’. Building on the knowledge of other restored islands in Tikapa Moana (the Hauraki Gulf) – we know that our native species are very resilient and adaptable. If their key threats – predators - are removed, our taonga species will thrive.


Rotoroa has become another link in the Gulf Island chain of safe havens for many species of native plants and animals

Planting Programme

Our planting is a combination of revegetation with some artistic licence

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Translocated Species

Species that have been translocated to Rotoroa

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A breeding pair of takahē were released on Rotoroa Island in May 2015

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Pāteke are among New Zealand's most endangered birds

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New Zealand has a diverse range of native lizards

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Coastal Planting

A coastal planting programme aimed at halting shore erosion

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Help us protect our native species

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