Rotoroa Island Education Programme

Restoring young people’s connection to nature & Inspiring the confidence to become conservation leaders of the future.


The Rotoroa Island Education Programme supports young people in the Auckland region to explore and discover nature and their own potential as conservation leaders and kaitiaki (guardians).

  • Fun and engaging 
  • Combined learning in schools and on Rotoroa Island
  • Supported by our experienced educators

“The students were very engaged with the activities during the pre-visit and were excited to build on what they had learned in class” - Anna, Deputy Principal 

Our learning outcomes are for young people to:

  1. Connect with and discover conservation and their natural environment.
  2. Expand their knowledge and play in nature.
  3. Be excited about problem solving in nature.
  4. Find community conservation actions that matter to them and be empowered to inspire others in their community to assist them.
  5. Expand citizen science-based conservation challenges and to understand how island sanctuaries like Rotoroa Island support biodiversity and our endemic species.

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Key details

The Rotoroa Island Education Programme consists of three days over the term.

  • A 2.5 hour workshop at your school introducing biosecurity, island wildlife and conservation leadership. 
  • A full day visit to explore and experience Rotoroa Island.
  • A final 1.5 hour workshop back in school to reflect on the experience and a chance for learners to share their conservation action in the community that has been inspired by the Rotoroa Island Education Programme.

This is all supported by experienced educators and resources.

Age Group

10-14 year-olds.


The cost is $40 per student plus the transport to the ferry terminal. This covers island visit (including ferry price), resources and two days in school learning with trained educators and is possible due to the generous support from the Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation.

A 1:6 ratio, adult to student is required. 
The adult helpers are the same rate and teachers are free.

Bookings for 2024 are now full.
We are taking waitlist for Term 4 2024 and interest for 2025 programme.
Please contact our Programme Manager – Jeanine
Email: [email protected]

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“The programme has opened our eyes more to what can be achieved through knowledge and working towards taking care of our native wildlife and fauna. That we have a window of opportunity to make a change.” Te Kura, term 1 2023.

This learning adventure is made possible with the generous support of Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation.