We hope to have answered all your questions below, however if you have any questions after looking through our FAQs, please email [email protected]

Rotoroa Island is open most days from dawn until dusk
Changing sheds, historic buildings and the museum and exhibition centre are open 10am - 5pm every day (except Christmas Day). Visitors are welcome on Christmas day, however note just the toilet facilities will be open

Visitors can come by ferry (360 Discovery Cruises), a one hour service from Downtown Auckland, with a stop-off at Waiheke's Orapiu wharf on the way. You can also get to Rotoroa Island by ferry from Coromandel.
We also welcome visitors coming by private boat, water-taxi, charter ferry, helicopter or seaplane.

Yes we recommend you book your ferry ticket in advance with 360 Discovery Ferries, either online - http://www.360discovery.co.nz/timetables-fares/rotoroa-islandtimetable-fares.php or by calling 0800 360 3472.

Yes, you can take a ferry from Rotoroa to Coromandel. You can't continue there the same day, but you can stay on Rotoroa Island and continue another day to Coromandel.
Please check the ferry timetable to ensure it is scheduled for the day you wish to travel - http://www.360discovery.co.nz/timetablesfares/rotoroa-island-timetable-fares.php

All visitors on scheduled ferry services are met by our island ranger, given a welcome and quick biosecurity check. For accommodation visitors coming by other transport, please call the duty phone (09 283 0849) when you’re about 15 min away from arriving so we can welcome you and do a quick biosecurity check

If the ferry is cancelled you will not be charged for those days you are unable to travel to the island.

Check in for all accommodation guests is at 10.30am, soon after the ferry arrives from Auckland.

Check out for Super's House guest is 9.30am. We are happy to arrange storage of your bags if required.
If you'd like to stay for the day after checking out, bags can be stored in a storage room, although we advise keeping any items you need during the day with you, as this building is locked until just before the ferry departs. If you have foods to keep cool, we suggest ensuring you have a cold chiller pad ready so you can store foods in your chilly bin.

Check out for the holiday homes is 2pm.

We transport all guests' luggage by way of trailer from the wharf to your accommodation. We just need to know your likely time of arrival and someone from your group needs to come and unload your bags.

For charities (with a charity commission number) or schools wishing to book the entire Super’s House, we offer a special rate of $576 per night (which is a 20% discount). Please contact us on [email protected] for further information.

We have 3 moorings located in Home Bay on the western side of Rotoroa Island. One mooring is offered (at no charge) to guests in each of our holiday homes. For other guests, if a mooring is available within 2 weeks of your visit, this can be secured for $25 per night by emailing [email protected]

Mooring S1 has 1200kgs of weight and is suitable for up to 12m
Mooring S2 has 800kgs of weight and is suitable for up to 10m
Mooring S4 has 1000kgs of weight and is suitable for up to 12m

While they are checked on regular basis, please note the moorings are offered on a 'use at your own risk' basis. Once your mooring has been confirmed, please give us an approximate time of arrival so our caretakers can have a vehicle ready at the wharf to collect you and take you and all your gear to your accommodation. If you are unsure as to which fergie buoy is yours when you get into the bay, please do not hesitate to contact our duty ranger on 09 283 0849, and they will be happy to direct you.

No dogs or domestic animals are permitted on the island or its shoreline. This is to protect our endangered wildlife

Bicycles are not permitted on the island and if you're bringing a buggy please be sure to remove any soil or seeds from the treads.

Due to Rotoroa's predator free status, we require all visitors to carry food in sealed, rodent-proof plastic containers. Day visitors need to take all rubbish home with them; accommodation guests are just required to take home their recycling. Please check bags for rodents, insects (especially ants) and other pests prior to boarding the ferry.

Sorry no camping permitted on the island, however we have a shared hostel accommodation at the Super's House.