Annual health check for our Island Takahē

Behind the scenes with our island Takahē

Update 19 July 2023- test results are back and Ahurewa is confirmed as female (formally Rawiri) and Te Manakau confirmed as male

At the start of April we did our health checks on our takahē family group.

Our island ranger, Milly, had a helping hand from the lovely Chris, Devon and Amy from Auckland Zoo, with transport generously arranged by the Department of Conservation.

Parents Fyffe and Mulgrew needed new transmitters as their old ones had expired. Of course, Mulgrew had something to say about his new kit, but other wise sat like a pro.

Tu Manakau, the first chick, experienced a full health check; banding, vaccination, and blood work. Tu Manakau did so well; not even a peep was heard while being in hand which is highly unusual!

Ahurewa, the second chick, underwent the same. Much like her parents however, got to a point and decided to let the handlers know she had enough.

All in all we are so glad to share that our family group is in good health. A big thank you to DOC and Auckland Zoo for supporting our takahē family and conservation efforts. This is all part of the national Takahē Recovery Programme.

When you're visiting the island, keep an eye out for our takahē family and their colourful new bands.


Posted by Rotoroa Island Trust on July 19, 2023