A Day in the Life of our Island Rangers

Island managers Glen, Milly, and their son Ollie started as the new Island Managers in November last year. 

Their role involves everything from looking after the small island team, checking and resetting our rodent motels, caring for the wildlife on the island, leading guided nature walks, and cleaning holiday homes, to weeding, running the island kiosk, pruning trees, and greeting our guests at the ferry. We decided to ask them a few questions to truly understand a day in the life of an island manager.

What are some of your best moments?

"While we love welcoming our daily visitors and seeing them enjoy this beautiful island, there's something extra special about the island when the ferry has left for the day. All of a sudden it's just our family and a few accommodation guests, who are laughing and enjoying this magical place with us." 

What has been your biggest challenge? 

"Losing Hawkeye has definitely been one of our biggest challenges. Although in our work we know that these things can sometimes happen, you can't help but take things to heart. We are passionate about our role, so care immensely when the outcome is not as we hoped. But it's a privilege to continue working with the takahē team to help these incredible endangered species in New Zealand."

What are some things that have surprised you?

"We definitely didn't expect how hilarious the weka would be! They have such huge personalities - cheeky and inquisitive. One of them once stole Ollie's sock when it fell off the washing line on a windy day and we never managed to get it back."

What is your favourite walk on the island/favourite thing to do when you're off duty?

"Swimming, fishing, and being able to play with friends," says Ollie. "Secret tip! Fishing at Men's Bay."

Posted by Rotoroa Island Trust on March 11, 2020