Kauri Seedlings Planted on Rotoroa

Kauri seedlings, grown from Kauri at the iconic Colin McCahon House have been planted on the island by volunteers.

It's a fabulous example of conservation working when we all pitch in!
One-hundred Kauri seedlings, grown from kauri at the Colin McCahon House in Titirangi, very closely quarantined before being brought over to Rotoroa Island and planted by keen volunteers.
The trees, although only small, already carry a rich history. The trees that they came from are now dying of kauri dieback, so there's a sort of poignancy to this planting here today," Alison Henry of Kauri 2000 Trust says. We love that this project brings together two passions - art and conservation and look forward to seeing these trees grow tall on the island. Check out the NewsHub coverage of this special day.

Posted by Angela Bishop on August 09, 2018