Help Keep our Kiwi Safe this Summer

We are in our kiwi chick rearing season and 14 kiwi chicks have come to Rotoroa since October - just one reason we have a strict No Dogs, No Fires policy on Rotoroa Island.

Our kiwi chicks and our other ground birds ( particularly takahē, oystercatchers, blue penguins, dotterel and pāteke) are at risk from dogs and fires. This is why Rotoroa has a no dogs, no fires policy. Dogs are a risk because they scare birds and can potentially kill them. Shorebirds are vulnerable because eggs need protection from the sun which is done by adults sitting on nests undisturbed, chicks relay on their parents for food and outside breeding season adults are small and therefore vulnerable to dogs. Kiwi have no breastbone and have a strong smell and are often in coastal areas. None of our native species have natural defences to defend themselves.

The only dogs we allow on Rotoroa are trained and leashed disability and conservation dogs (permission must be obtained prior to arrival). No dog owner wants to be responsible for the death of a native species.

Fires are a risk all year round because Rotoroa is a remote island and always has a lot of dry material in trees and on the ground. Once a fire starts the risk of it spreading is significant and will require a helicopter to fight it. As with dogs our native species have no defences and are also reliant on our coast, wetlands, forest and grasslands for their survival.

There is no excuse for fires and dogs on Rotoroa. There are signs on all our beaches and at the wharf making this clear. Trespass notices may be issued to any person who does not follow these basic rules.

Please help us by not lighting fires (use our barbeques or eat on board your boat) and not bringing dogs ashore.

Plan your trip – toilet and exercise your dog at an anchorage where this is permitted - Save the kiwi have made it easy with their great interactive map.


Posted by Rotoroa Island Trust on December 19, 2023