Success for our Kiwi Creche

We're thrilled with the results of the latest kiwi muster, with 5 kiwi ready to 'graduate' from Rotoroa's creche.


The Kiwis for kiwi team has recently been on the island, collecting kiwi who are ready to 'graduate' from Rotoroa's creche. They caught 5 kiwi who were returned to Te Mata, Coromandel. A sixth kiwi caught was one of the chicks released in January - this bird weighed in at 850 grams. While not yet ready to return to Coromandel, this shows how kiwi are thriving on the island. We are so pleased that the birds are tremendously healthy! 

This amazing result is due to our restoration programme, our commitment to being predator free, and the quality of our revegetation. Rotoroa Island has no threats, great food, and fantastic living conditions for our vulnerable kiwi chicks to grow up! 

Every time you visit the island, a sum of your Fullers360 ferry ticket goes towards these programmes, so we truly couldn't do it without your support. We'd also like to thank Thames Coast Kiwi Care, and Kiwis for kiwi for helping us make this a reality! 

Image credit: James Gow

Posted by Rotoroa Island Trust on June 11, 2019