Ngati Paoa to bless sculpture during Artweek 2012

Local iwi Ngati Paoa, will bless Chris Booth's sculpture, Kaitiakai, as part of Rotoroa's Artweek 2012 event on Sunday 4 November.

Storytelling through art has been an important part of Rotoroa's restoration, and as part of Art Week 2012, two artists who have contributed to that story, will talk about their work.

Sculptor Chris Booth and photographer Ann Shelton both have work on Rotoroa. In 2011, Chris Booth's work Kaitiaki, was installed on the Island's southern headland in memory of Jack Plowman, father of Neal Plowman, whose generosity has allowed the restoration of Rotoroa.

Ann Shelton's images of Rotoroa and its environment are on display in the school house and exhibition centre. Images from her exhibition 'Room Room', which capture the empty spaces of vacated island facilities after the island's closure as an addiction treatment centre, poignantly capture the essence of memory, presence and absence.

Both artists will discuss their response to Rotoroa and the site specific works they have created. John Gow, the former project manager for Rotoroa's redevelopment and owner of Connells Bay Sculpture Park on Waiheke Island, will give an introduction to the day.

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Posted by Angela Bishop on October 09, 2012