NZ's Top Hidden Gem

Tourism data used to find New Zealand's secret beauty spots identifies Rotoroa Island as country's top hidden gem

Rotoroa Island didn't just make TripAdvisor's list of New Zealand's least known but highest-rated destinations, it made the list as number one! "With beautiful beaches, camping and a couple of holiday baches, it is Auckland's ultimate natural escape," reads the article in NZ Herald.

A special thanks to everyone who has shared their Rotoroa Island experience via Trip Advisor and Google. 

We also featured in NZ Herald's Viva magazine as one of The Best Day Trips From Auckland To Try This Summer - "Rotoroa is one worth setting aside a full day or even an entire weekend for..."

If you haven't visited our island sanctuary, we hope to welcome you soon.

Posted by Rotoroa Island Trust on January 09, 2020