Takahē Update Spring 2019

It is Spring and Love was in the Air!!

As you may know, we recently welcomed Hawkeye to the island. A carefully selected love match for our Matriarch, Silberborn! Unfortunately, soon after he arrived, he developed an infection in his foot and was transported to Auckland Zoo for treatment. 

Thanks to the amazing veterinary team there he improved following antibiotics and joint-flushing and after the swelling went down he was released back onto Rotoroa Island a few weeks ago! Silberhorn and Hawkeye were finally reunited, and within 30 minutes were found grazing peacefully together.

We hoped to see some breeding success despite their time apart, but unfortunately, absence did not make the heart grow fonder, and male takahē Tupuarangi took this chance to woo Silberhorn with daily visits to her pen. As a result, Silberhorn was no longer interested in Hawkeye! The two pairs were eventually swapped for good - Hawkeye is now with Kuini and Silberhorn has bonded with Tupuarangi. The takahē saga on love island continues!

Meanwhile, we are pleased to announce that Rotoroa Island officially has the first two eggs of the season in the nest of Mulgrew and Fyffe! The two takahē that were released on the island almost a year ago. They are doing a fantastic job looking after their eggs, and our Island Caretaker Rangers are keeping a close eye on them. We look forward to updating you on a hopeful hatch soon!


Posted by Rotoroa Island Trust on November 11, 2019