Takahē on Rotoroa Island

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We have six resident takahē on Rotoroa Island. Visitors are likely to see them hanging out in the central part of the island.

There are two breeding pairs roaming on island, Fyfee and Mulgrew can be seen with their juvenile chicks, Tu Manakau and Ahurewa The other pair is named Wairau and Vanda and they tend to be in the central island area.

While each pair choose their territory, they are all free to roam all over the island. Check in with our ranger on arrival for their latest likely area, or join a Guided Walk for the best chance to spot these amazing birds.

Past visitors who met our first takahē chick (Kaiako) will be happy to hear she is fully grown was and released into the Murchison Mountains in August 2018. This is a fantastic success for our takahē breeding programme as she was the first chick born on Rotoroa Island. We can't wait for you to come and find our precious birds.


When you do see a takahē, please let them find their own food and stay a reasonable distance away from them. More about takahē and the incredible programme supporting their recovery can be found here